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RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication.  With an ever increasing World Wide Web there are countless pages to select from, therefore it can be difficult to locate and keep up to date with the information a user seeks.

The basic conceptual idea of RSS is the IT equivalent of an old fashioned ‘news ticker’ to provide up to date information from sites of your selection direct to your computer.  This saves the user from surfing from website to website checking for updates, instead the updates comes to you!

Using RSS enables you to keep updated when your chosen site(s) release new information, make major changes to their website, or put out special offers. RSS Feeds are a special form of web page, designed to be read by computers and producing a style of output similar to traditional ticker-tape news and sports feeds .

RSS feeds can be located by a site's XML button.  For convenience a HTML is also be supplied, which enables the user to read the RSS feed; albeit users can only subscribe using the XML feed. 
(See left panel orange XML & HTML buttons). 

The simplest way to view a RSS feed is to click on the Orange XML Button (see large button above, or panel on left), and depending on your browser you may be able to subscribe automatically, without worrying about installing additional software, as described below.  A live example is show in the left column of this page, and also on the home page.  The advantage of subscribing is being among the first to know of latest news and special offers.

To subscribe and view RSS feeds you may need software called a ‘news reader’ (A search for ‘Free RSS News Reader in your favourite search engine such as Google and Yahoo will provide many).  The News Reader checks for RSS feeds and lets the user aware of any updates and new articles added to them.  Many browsers  (including the recommended Mozilla Firefox) automatically provide further information on clicking on Orange Box XML feed links.  Alternatively you can view feeds direct just by clicking on the RSS feed boxes. However, to regularly receive the streams of updated information you will need a News Reader.

The Feeds used by DL UK PHOTOGRAPHY, give updated photography and digital filming news , details of special offers,  website update information; together with the most important news on all our products and subsidiary Frames Online, Dayborn, and Frames Bulk Supply websites.

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