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Q - How do I get more information on your photographic services?
A -
As well as exploring information on  this website, feel free to telephone us on 01983 716160 during office hours (Mon to Fri 10:00 to 17:00 hrs - you can leave a message anytime) or you may send an eMail or Message via the 'Contact Us' menu option.

Q - Can I View A Sample of Your Filming & Photograph Work?
A -
Photographs and film clips are displayed throughout this website, the galleries provide numerous samples of our work.  Furthermore a free
wedding demonstration disk is available by either online application (See Wedding Demo DVD), or by telephone.

Q - How do I Book?
A -
Either via telephone, sending an eMail, or message  - see 'Contact Us' menu for contact options.  A slot may be held on a preliminary basis, pending further confirmation.  For Weddings and Events a deposit of up to 50% of the total cost will be required to finally secure the booking.

Q - What Happens Following A Booking?
A -
For a major event, such as a Wedding, Civilian Partnership, Christening, Sports event, we will arrange an informal meeting to fully discuss requirements.  The emphasis is to provide a service to cater for your requirements and expectations as a customer.  For a photo-shoot confirmation will usually be made by telephone.  For all events, we normally make a final check of arrangements around 5 working days prior to the occasion.

Q - What Are Your Business Terms & Conditions?
A -
You can view our business terms here:- DLUK Terms & Conditions.  This includes use of the website, copyright information, and terms of sales.  Please also be aware that the booking of a an event such as a wedding will be subject to a written contract, which is additional to the general T&Cs. 

Q - What Is Your Privacy Policy?
A -
You can view our business policy on privacy here:- DLUK Privacy Policy.  This details what records we keep, how they are protected, and what is not collected.   Only essential information required to perform the service for you is collected.  We certainly do not pass on any details such as telephone numbers or eMail addresses to unauthorised third parties. 

Q - An Event Such As A Wedding Is Once Only - Do You Have Back Up?
A -
On the day of the event we carry back-up equipment, to swiftly take over in the event of catastrophic failure,  this includes extra camera bodies, additional lens, additional flash, plenty of spare batteries, extra SD cards etc.  For the key parts of filming an event such as wedding ceremony or speeches, multiple cameras are used and stereo sound is recorded from at least three separate locations.  In case of severe illness or other emergency, a standby photographer will be allocated.  

Q - Are You Insured?
A -
The short answer is yes, as a company we have full business insurance including third party liability.  Please note liability for failure to provide service for any reason, is limited to the full cost of the service actually paid ,including any deposits.



The following is a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs) and answers to enquiries of DL UK Photography services.

You can find the answer to our most common enquiries here, albeit this is not an exhaustive list.  However, please feel free to contact us at anytime during normal office hours in the event of any query.  You can telephone 01983 716160 or use the options from our 'Contact Us' menu to send us a message.
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